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February 24th, 2006

Vol. 2 Issue 2

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Frank Deardurff III
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Web Guy Ramblings

Well As I mentioned on my AskThatOne teleseminar with Alexandria Brown the Ezine Queen in January I am working at getting more consistent with my newsletters. This is actually the second newsletter for February. I think the key is not stressing that I haven't done it but just schedule time and get it done. Thanks very much for all the great feedback on the last newsletter that makes it even easier to get these done as I am finding out what you REALLY want.

I did find out something myself from that last newsletter. Don't include a link that some one has to right click on in an emailed newsletter. If you do make sure to make a note next to the link that they reader will need to visit the online version to actually right click and download. Always something new to learn everyday especially with all the changes happening on the web. I have tried to come up with some good things for you in this edition of the newsletter as always I would love to hear your feedback both good and bad so that I can make this even better. Also please let me know what articles you would like to see here.

Be sure to check my blog also as I post random comments there as well. You can easily leave feed back and comments their. I changed formats for the blog the first of the year to a Word Press Blog. Great application if you are interested in blogging I will have an article on that soon possibly even a teleseminar if I get some requests for it.

Cool Tools

This months tool is actually a suite of tools. You may have heard about this already but I think it is worth mentioning here just in case you haven't. This suite is a set of office applications that are compatible to Microsoft Office™, but cost absolutely nothing. What I am talking about is Open Office this suite offers WRITER which is comparable to word for all of your word processing needs; CALC a full featured spreadsheet program; IMPRESS for presentations similar to Power Point, DRAW - creates simple diagrams to 3d Objects; and BASE - a complete database application.

All of this as I mentioned FR~EE of charge. I have downloaded and tested this and it works very well. I was able to open documents previously created in Word, Excel and Power point without any problems and found many of the same features you'll find in the $400 MS suite you will find here. Whether you are a new business starting up or a seasoned business trying to keep that hard earned cash. My suggestion is to check this out OpenOffice.org

Things You Should Know!

Here is a quick SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tip for you!

A common place that many people over look for adding keywords is in their images, well not IN the images but in the coding of the images in the web page.

There a couple things with images that are often over looked when it comes to images on your web page one is the actual image name. For example if you have an image of you self on your web page you will want to make sure to name the image something that describes that image or uses a keyword.

For example instead of just calling an image of yourself myimage.jpg frank_deardurff.jpg I like to break up the first and last name with an underscore character so that the search engine sees it as two different words. Others I have noticed use a hyphen instead I am unsure if there is actually a difference to the search engines as I have seen much debate over this.

If you are using a product shot you might want to use the product name as the image name. For example I had a teleseminar that discusses what you need to know about changing your web hosts. On the product shot for the eCover I named the image change_web_hosts.gif giving me three keywords there.

Another over looked area with the images is the ALT tag. These where originally used when the internet speeds where much slower than what we have today. Web browsers have the option of turning off images to allow the page to load faster. The Alt tag was used to describe the image that was in that space on the web.

Today we mostly use that alt tag to add additional keywords to our web pages. For example the code for that same ebook cover would look like this:

<img src="images/change_web_hosts.gif" width="109" height="150" alt="change web host eBook that explains the need to know about moving to a new web hosting service">

As you can see this allows the use of additional keywords. Now there has been recent debate that more and more search engine spiders are over looking this but I still use them and I see many others still using them as well.

Let me know what challenges you are having at http://www.EasyOnlineTips.com and I will try to cover it in an upcoming issue.

This Issue's Question

Q. "What is a good way to build a list from scratch?"

A. I have built a decent list from a couple different methods. Such as offering a free report or information such as an audio from a training session on my website. Of course the website visitor needs to optin to get that free report. If you are using search engine traffic or google ad words to get visitors to your website then you have targeted leads opting in for that information.

Another strategy I use is to create an Ask page AskThatOneWebGuy.com and drive traffic to that site of course you want to make sure to deliver the results to that question somewhere so that visitors know they are getting something for entering their name and email. A free teleseminar is great for this.

Have a question you would like answered? Visit AskThatOneWebGuy.com

Well that is all for this edition. I hope you found some take away's from this newsletter. Please feel free to pass this newsletter onto others if you think they can use it.

Until next time...

All the best and much success in everything you do!

Frank Deardurff III - ThatOneWebGuy.com

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